March 29, 2020

Achieve Your Goals The S.M.A.R.T Way

Hello and thank you again for reading my blog!  We’re now 2 weeks into the New Year and hopefully they’ve been a great couple of weeks for you.  Hopefully you’ve have some ideas about what it is you’d like to achieve in 2015 or maybe you’re still crystallising exactly what it is that you should be aiming for.

Goals and achieving them are a huge part of our everyday lives, in many cases you might not even recognise what you’re doing but you are always setting goals for yourself.   We are always working towards a goal, whether it’s a work or a personal goal and without them life would be pretty chaotic.  A life without goals is a life without ambition and I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading my blog you are not a person without ambition.

In this blog I thought I’d share with you a concept which is already quite well known.   So for those of you that have already heard of SMART target setting this will be a bit of a recap but for those of you that haven’t this will be a bit of a revelation and should help you develop real, meaningful and most importantly, achievable goals!  SMART goal setting helps add some structure to your thought process when setting goals and can really help you formulate each of the steps you need to take to become that successful person you aspire to be.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.  You can probably already start to see the value of using these ideas just from that but lets dig a little bit deeper:


What exactly are you looking to achieve?  If your target is undefined and quite vague it makes it difficult to focus on what you’re really trying to achieve.  A bad example therefor would be ‘I want to be rich’ whereas a good one would be ‘I want to be a millionaire.”  When you’re trying to be specific about what your goal is try asking yourself the following questions:

What exactly do I want to achieve?

Who will be involved?

Where will it happen?

When will I achieve it?

Why do I want to achieve it?


If you’re going to create a target, how will you know when you’ve reached it?  Or how will you know when you’re close?  You have to be able to set a defining point when you’ve reached your goal and you should be able to provide evidence that you have.


Is your goal realistic?  There is no point (and in fact it is detrimental) to set a goal which is impossible or near impossible.  Deciding that you want to be richer than Donald Trump is all very well but you’re setting yourself up to fail and that will hurt your confidence and stop you from achieving other goals.  Make sure that the goals you set are achievable but at the same time don’t make them too easy, goals are meant to stretch you and help you achieve!


Think about why you want to reach your goal.  Do you really want to run a huge business or be an actor.  Think about what makes you happy because goals that are relevant to you, your personality and your interests are a whole lot more achievable because you want to do them.  Be objective about why you want to achieve the goal and what really matters to you.


Deadlines are great.  The same thing that applied to doing your homework still applies to you in adult life.  We all work harder when we are closer to a deadline because it requires action and that’s what goals are about – Action!  At the same time though, make sure you have enough time to actually be able to achieve your goals, 0 to Millionaire in a month just isn’t gonna happen but 0 to a millionaire in a few years might!

The main thing to remember when setting any goals though is to remain positive.  We set ourselves goals because we have something we want to achieve and we want to achieve because we want to make life better for ourselves!  Go ahead and make yourself a goal now and you will grow as a person, and if you achieve that goal go ahead and set yourself another.  You can break your goals up into smaller ones if that helps and write them down.  You’d be amazed how many goals you can achieve if you focus and remain positive!

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